Top 7 Silent Killers Of Metabolism

Top 7 Silent Killers Of Metabolism

Metabolism is a process where food that is converted into energy acts as a fuel to perform body functioning optimally. To keep your body’s metabolism stable, you need to include healthy foods in the diet that help enhance your body’s metabolism rate. Higher the metabolism rate is a sign that implies the person is fit and healthy. So, the first step you need to do is eliminating all the metabolism destroying foods. Yes! It is essential to stop taking such metabolism killers as it is important as eating foods that boost your body’s metabolism.

Here Are Top 7 Silent killers Of Your Body’s Metabolism:


Adding too much sugar to your diet can kill your body’s metabolism. Sugar is one such chief ingredient in several processed foods and condiments such as pasta sauce, barbecue sauce etc. Most of the Americans consume 25 tsp. of sugar every day, says American Heart Association. Sugar will instantly diffuse into the bloodstream and boosts your blood sugar levels. The increase in blood sugar levels can slow down your body’s metabolism rate, burn lesser calories than usual and gets stored as extra fat. Hence, you need check out the labels to know how much sugar you consume regularly. Or prefer natural substitutes such as maple syrup.


Refined Grains:

White rice, cereals, pasta, white flour, pastries etc. contain lots of sugar. All such foods will be transformed to sugar in your body when consumed. These foods don’t contain nutrients and will slow down your metabolism rate.

Refined Grains

Fried Foods:

Fried foods can also be known as fat foods and they contain less nutritional values. Eating fried foods such as French fries, fried chicken nuggets, donuts etc. will destroy your body’s metabolism. Fried foods on an average contain lots of fats and are devoid of nutrients, says nutritionist. According to FDA, a person can take not more than 65gm of fat every day. However, a cup of crispy chicken nuggets contain around 70gm of fat. Instead, you can try foods that are broiled, grilled or steamed.

Fried Foods

Processed Oils:

Oils such as canola, soybean, corn etc. that are hydrogenated need to be avoided. Such oils are used in fast foods, processed foods etc. They also claim to be free from trans-fat. Such oils get stored as fat as they are obtained from genetically modified crops and our body can’t process them. Soon they start showing an impact on your hormones and slow down your body’s metabolism.

Processed Oils


Carbonated beverages such as colas contain caffeine that might give a gush of alertness. However, it might wreak havoc on your body’s metabolism in the long run. It contains lots of sugar which might lead to weight gain. Any soft drink available in the market contains a high dose of sugar and might slow down the metabolism rate of the body.


Fast Food:

Fast foods are one such contributing factor for obesity in children. They are high in fat and low in nutrients. Also, our body takes lots of time to digest such foods and they are stored as fat. Low in fiber and high in fat, all such fast foods create havoc on your body’s metabolism.

Fast Food

Whole Fat Dairy Products:

One glass of whole milk contains around eight grams of fat. However, in the long run, whole fat dairy products can slow down your metabolism as our body gets habitual to fat which passes slowly to your digestive system. Hence, replace whole milk with skim milk or any low-fat dairy products.

Whole Fat Dairy Products