Top 6 Home Remedies For Teething


Home Remedies For Teething Teething in babies begins at six months of age. Your baby’s first tooth is a huge milestone in his/her life as well as yours. Till the first tooth has begun showing through the gum, your baby may have suffered painful gums for several days. Teething can cause gum irritation, pain, excessive drooling, crankiness, ear ache and diarrhea.Follow these effective home remedies to ease teething discomfort in babies.

Best Home Remedies For Teething

Chew Toys

Chew Toys For Teething Babies who are teething find comfort in chewing. The reason is simple. Chewing with gums relieves the pressure of new teeth pushing up into the mouth, thereby eliminating pain. For this, squishy rubber teething rings and teething toys work amazingly well. Solid teething rings made of silicone are preferred over liquid-filled products as these may leak . Keep the teething ring in the refrigerator before giving it to your baby. Wooden teething toys and teething rings are also good.

Use Your Finger

Use Your Finger On Gums For Teething Rub your baby’s gums gently with your finger for two minutes. It may be painful at first, but your baby will soon feel relieved due to the pressure applied on the gums. Make sure your hands are clean.

Cold Food And Drink

Cold Food And Drink For Teething Introduce chilled food to suck on if your baby is refusing to eat. Include blended fruits with cold yogurt  in your baby’s diet. These foods can be more appetizing than warm foods when your baby is teething. Use a mesh feeder with frozen mangoes or other fruit to help soothe your baby’s irritated gums.

The mesh feeder will prevent choking by holding back large pieces of food from getting into your baby’s mouth. Also ensure that your baby is propped up or sitting upright, when eating from a mesh feeder.  Another idea is to freeze  fruit juice in a popsicle mold.  Allow your little one to suck on this. In addition, you can  give cold smoothies, chilled applesauce or cold, mashed cantaloupe to your little one.

Ice Cubes And Washcloths

Ice Cubes For Teething Freeze boiled and cooled water to get  ice cubes. Wrap the ice cubes in a clean washcloth and apply on the baby’s gums. These are instrumental in alleviating discomfort caused by teething. However, this must be done under adult supervision only. Otherwise, the ice cube may cause accidental choking.

The Baltic Amber Necklace

The Baltic Amber Necklace For Teething Make your baby wear a Baltic Amber Necklace under his/her shirt. Baltic Amber is a resin with analgesic oils that are activated on account of the warmth of your baby’s skin. These oils contain succinic acid that is anti-inflammatory. It helps relieve your baby’s teething symptoms. Do note that this is not meant for your baby to chew, the beads may separate and choke your baby. Make sure he cannot pull the necklace out of his shirt.

Handle Excessive Drooling

Handle Excessive Drooling For Teething Excessive drooling is a sign of teething. Keep a clean cloth handy to wipe your baby’s chin gently. Constant wetness can lead to skin irritation. Change this cloth often.


To treat other symptoms of teething like diarrhea, low grade fever and ear aches, consult your pediatrician before administration of mild pain killers, paracetamol or any other OTC medications for babies. Do not use numbing gels on the gums, to relieve pain. These have short lived effectiveness besides having side effects when absorbed into the blood stream.

Top 6 Home Remedies For Teething