Top 5 Home Remedies For Toxoplasmosis

Home Remedies For Toxoplasmosis

Toxoplasmosis is the disease caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii. This infection may lead to highly lethal conditions like coma. Hence, it should be treated at the right time, before it spreads completely affecting all parts. Brain is the most important part that is affected due to this infection, causing encephalitis.Other parts of the body may also get affected by toxoplasmosis. The symptoms of this disease are characterized by high fever along with headache and disoriented behavior. When you come across any of these symptoms, you have to immediately start taking treatment for it, without any delay.

Top 5 Home Remedies For Toxoplasmosis

Black Pepper To Fight The Parasite

Black Pepper For Toxoplasmosis

As the disease toxoplasmosis is caused by the parasite, your first step to fight against this disease should start with killing of the parasite. You should also prevent the spreading of the parasite to all parts of the body.Black pepper can help you in effectively fighting against the parasite toxoplasma gondii. You can chew few of the raw black pepper each day. You can also make hot syrup out of it, which can be consumed.

Lemon To Control The Symptoms

Lemon To Control Toxoplasmosis

The symptoms of the disease are often severe. But, when you come across some initial symptoms of the disease like headache, you can immediately take some lime juice.This will control the symptoms and prevent it from getting any complicated. Taking lemon with fever may sometimes raise the temperature further. So, try taking it even before the onset of fever.

Grapes To Improve Alkalinity

Grapes To Improve Alkalinity

The body being acidic is one of the major reasons for making it vulnerable to infections and the entry of parasites. If you improve the alkalinity of the body, the parasite will automatically find it difficult to survive.Grapes are the best naturally available food which is highly alkaline in nature. You can also take similar kind of other fruits, most of which is found to be alkaline.

Garlic Cloves To Improve Immunity

Garlic cloves can fight against any kind of parasite or infection causing organisms. It is also helpful in enhancing the immunity of your body.So, take a few garlic cloves in the raw form every morning, till you get relieved from the symptoms. Even if you do not find any symptom, garlic can regularly be in taken, as a form of preventive treatment.

Garlic Cloves To Improve Immunity

Turmeric To Kill Parasites

The other best enemy for any kind of parasite is turmeric. It is generally used in all food items while cooking, not just for the color but also for this property. So, you can intake turmeric by mixing it with water or milk, according to your convenience.

Toxoplasmosis, if left untreated could develop into a very dangerous disease. So, it always better to get treatment when you find the initial symptoms itself. Also, avoid eating meat when you are infected by the parasite. This will further aggravate the symptoms, leading to even coma. Also, try avoiding all acidic kind of foods including coffee. All proper diet itself can cure any kind of disease.

Turmeric To Control Toxoplasmosis