Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Anal Fissures


Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Anal Fissures

An anal fissure is either a cut or tear in the anal tissues which is the canal passing stools. It is a common condition among adults and the most common cause is constipation and the resulting hard stools. Even anal sex can cause anal fissures. Usually doctors prescribe local antibiotics and antihistamines along with laxatives and stool softeners.

However, these very results can be achieved with the help of herbal remedies for anal fissures. These herbal remedies are quite effective in treating the problem and they do not have any side effects. At the same time, most ingredients used in these remedies are easily available in health food stores and also herbal stores so that you don’t have to go to much trouble looking for them.

Various Herbal Remedies For Anal Fissures

1. Chamomile And Witch Hazel

The most important part of the treatment of anal fissures is to maintain local hygiene which is difficult considering the role of the body part. Hence, you need to clean the area with special herbs like chamomile and witch hazel.Use chamomile and witch hazel infusions to clean the area as they have healing properties and also work to shrink the blood vessels, which is very useful as herbal remedies for anal fissures. This will ensure that the area remains clean and heals fast.

Chamomile And Witch Hazel

2. Nettle Juice

One thing you need to keep in mind when suffering from anal fissures is that the stools should be of the right consistency. This is because where on one hand hard and large stools aggravate the problem, so do watery stools.In order to soften stools and maintain the right consistency, you should drink one teaspoon nettle juice three times a day. This will not only maintain the right consistency of stools but will also reduce the soreness caused by the fissures.

Nettle Juice

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3. Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil has natural healing properties. It helps the tissues heal faster and also prevents further infection in the area. Therefore, it is beneficial to apply wheat germ oil to the anal area so that the fissures can heal faster. Take some oil according to your need and apply it on the fissures. By doing this everyday you will get faster relief.

Wheat Germ Oil

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a great healer and well known for its strong medicinal properties. It especially hastens the healing of wounds and since anal fissures are also wounds, it helps them heal faster. The best way to use Aloe is to apply a compress of its fresh juice extracted from the leaf of the plant. As an alternative you can also use lotions and creams with Aloe Vera extract as one of the herbal remedies for anal fissures.


5. Calendula And St John’s Wort

The application of Calendula balm on the affected area will reduce the pain and itching caused by the fissures. Even St John’s Wort infusion helps in this direction. Apply either of these at least three times a day. You can apply it a number of times as per your requirement.

Calendula And St John’s Wort