Top 15 Benefits Of PanAway Essential Oil

Top 15 Benefits Of PanAway Essential Oil

PanAway oil is the mixture of four essential oils. This blend of four essential oils, handles pain associated with daily activities and exercise. The comforting muscles help you to get relief from the pain you might encounter after doing exercise. PanAway oil will help in supporting the function of these comforting muscles. PanAway is the blend of wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) essential oil, helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) essential oil, clove (Syzygium aromaticum) essential oil and peppermint (Mentha piperita) essential oil. PanAway was invented by Gary Young who encountered a serious damage to the ligaments in his legs.

Some Of The Benefits Of Panaway Essential Oil Are Mentioned Under:

Soothing Effect

Wintergreen essential oil is one of the ingredients of PanAway that has a cooling effect during massaging. It also provides soothing impact on the tension in the head and the strained muscles after exercise.


Helps In Body Repair

Helichrysum essential oil is one of the ingredients of PanAway that provides healing properties to comfort wear and tear in the body that occurs on the daily basis. This oil supports the nervous system, liver and skin.

Liver Detoxification

Improves Immunity

The clove essential oil as part of PanAway helps in enhancing immunity and in improving the oral health. The main constituent of this oil is eugenol that is usually used for creating numbness to the gums.

Improves Immunity

Helps In Digestion

Peppermint essential oil that is one of the ingredients of PanAway is known to support digestion. This oil is also found to be helpful sending signals to the contentment or pleasure center of the brain.

Improves Digestion

Resolves Menstrual Cramping

A few drops of PanAway are placed on the lower abdominal region. The abdominal region is covered with a warm compress to reduce the discomfort due to bloating and menstrual cramps.


Supports Oral Health

The body shows a response to irritation naturally. One to two drops of PanAway are used on the gums to handle irritation.

Gums & Teeth

Handles Stress

If you are suffering from occasional stress, a drop of PanAway essential oil is rubbed on the temples to offer support to the nervous system at the time of stress. You should be careful to prevent the oil entering the eyes.


Handles Minor Pains

If your back is painful after spending in front of your computer all through the day, the pain can be managed by PanAway. Applying a mixture of this oil with carrier oil on the back will resolve the minor pain.

minor pain

Relief To The Muscles In Stress

Applying a few drops of this oil on the shoulder, leg, neck, feet and other parts of the body brings relief to the muscles that were under stress.

muscles Pain

Reduces Discomfort From Bruises

PanAway essential oil with Arnica gel is useful to manage small swellings and bruises by reducing redness and irritation.


Manages Joint Functioning

Applying PanAway oil in the joints will maintain healthy joints and the normal functioning of the cartilage.

Reduces Joint Pain

Reduces Wrist Pain

If you have pain under the wrist and forearm due to excessive use of computer and mouse, it can be reduced by applying this oil to the wrist.

Wrist Pain

Leg Pain

If you encounter leg pain due to any injury during the exercise or daily activity, diluted PanAway essential oil can be applied on the legs to help generate the response in the body to the injury.

Leg Pain

Provides Relaxation To Your Body

A few drops of this oil along with the Epsom salt are added to the hot water that you are using for taking bath. The hot water bath with this mixture will help you relax totally.

Bath With Lukewarm Water

Healing Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a painful condition that is influenced by stress and anxiety. Use of this essential oil with carrier oil will reduce the pain related to fibromyalgia.