Home Remedies For Hiccups


hiccups Hiccups occur when an uncontrolled spasm of the diaphragm causes an unexpected closure of the vocal cords. As a matter of fact, hiccups are quite common and tend to affect a majority of people at some point in life.

According to experts, in most cases, hiccups are triggered by having carbonated beverages, eating a big meal, drinking alcohol, or getting excited emotionally although certain drugs, nerve disorders, or metabolic disorders may also be the causes. Fortunately, many different hiccup treatments are available, ranging right from medical to home remedies. Due to the side effects involved in medical treatments, most hiccup patients often look for herbal or home remedies.

According to Dr. John Renner, there are many home remedies that have shown their effectiveness in relieving hiccups. These remedies tend to work on two principles: Overwhelm the vagus nerve with some other sensation and influence the breathing process to increase the level of carbon dioxide in the blood. Like all nerves, the vagus nerve tends to process many sensations, right from taste to temperature.

The vagus nerve sends signals to the brain that more vital matters are pending due to which it is necessary to stop the hiccups. So, these signals force the body to deal with the increased level of carbon dioxide rather than triggering hiccups. Here are some of the highly effective home remedies for hiccups.

Remedies For Cure Hiccups

Swallow Sugar – Let the Sweet Taste become Your Instant Savior!

Having sugar can stop persistent hiccups. According to the book called ‘The People’s Pharmacy’, Dr. Engelman had conducted a study wherein he gave 1 tablespoon of white granulated sugar to 20 patients who were experiencing hiccups since many days.

eating sugar

Interestingly, 19 of20 patients experienced an instant relief. It was found that sugar affects the vagus nerve, which results in constricting the diaphragm to disturb the patterns of hiccups.

Small Paper Bag – Let Your Breathing Stop Hiccups!

This is one of the most common home remedies for getting rid of hiccups. All you have to do is take a paper bag and exhale and inhale into it to stop hiccups. When you do so, the level of carbon dioxide increases so that the sensitivity of the vagus nerve is reduced.

Have Ginger – Let the Pungent Taste Do the Needful!

It is known that ginger is a very famous spice that is used for variety of purposes. What may not be commonly known is that fresh ginger can stop hiccups.


Fresh ginger has a very strong flavor as well as taste, which directly overwhelms the senses to distract the diaphragm for halting hiccups. For the best result, peel a small piece of fresh ginger and chew it gradually.

Place Lemon on Tongue – Let the Sour Taste Show its Magic!

Just like ginger, even lemon can stop hiccups. A slice of fresh lemon may show its effectiveness in curing hiccups. Because a fresh lemon is quite sour in taste, it can distract or overwhelm the surrounding nerves when it comes in contact with the taste buds. To experience the effectiveness of lemon, place a piece of fresh peeled lemon on the top of tongue for a few minutes.

Sip the Mint Beverage – Let the Mint Hint the Vagus Nerve!

mint juice

One of the home remedies that you can try out is a beverage made up of fresh mint leaves. You can prepare this beverage by mixing some mint leaves, a squeeze of fresh juice of lemon, a pinch of salt, and lukewarm water. Having this mixture tends to calm down the irritation of diaphragm.

Have Ice Cold Water – Allow the Temperature to Stop Hiccups

Just pour some ice cold water in a glass and sip it slowly. This will bring an instant change in the esophagus’ temperature, which can help in halting hiccups.

Gargle with Ice and Warm Water – Experience the Effect of Rinsing on Hiccups

Gargling with warm and ice cold water alternatively prevents inhaling. This, in turn, raises the level of carbon dioxide in the blood and changes the temperature of a few brain nerves as well, which disturbs the diaphragm for curing hiccups. This is a two-fold approach for getting rid of hiccups.

Sip Dill Tea – Make Your Favorite Beverage an Instant Remedy

According to the site called Natural Healing Guide, Dill is an effective ingredient in curing constant or lasting hiccups. In fact, dill tea has been used as a hiccup remedy since medieval times. Therefore, the site has prescribed a recipe for dill tea. Boil one cup of water in a vessel, add 1 teaspoon of dried dill leaves, cover the boiling vessel, and let it steep it for 15 minutes. Then, let the concoction cool down. You can now take small sips of this cool tea.

Drink Cardamom Beverage – Let its Anti-hiccup Properties Bring Quick Relief!

This spice belongs to ginger family. Thus, it works just like ginger to stop hiccups. In order to treat hiccups, add a tincture of this spice in boiling water and drink this concoction slowly.

cardamom tea

According to Hashmi.com, you can even crush and add two whole cardamoms along with six mint leaves in one cup of water, and sip this mixture for better results.

Inhale Black Pepper – Beat Hiccups with Sneezing

Having black pepper induces sneezing, which acts as a strong respiratory mechanism to interrupt with the diaphragm’s contractions, says HomeRemediesGuide.com. Therefore, experts suggest inhaling a small quantity of black pepper until sneezing is triggered.

Enjoy Eating Some Peanut Butter – Overcome Hiccups Pleasantly

If you are not allergic to peanut, peanut butter can be a delightful remedy for curing hiccups. Did you know that having a big spoon of peanut butter has been an ancient hiccup remedy? When you chew this butter and get it off your tongue, the breathing and swallowing patterns are interrupted. This results in curing hiccups.

peanut butter

Drink Water by Using Paper Towel – Play an Easy Trick to Overcome Hiccups Quickly

This is a very simple way to beat hiccups. All you need to do is position a single sheet of paper towel atop a glass and then try to drink water through that towel. When you do so, you end up pulling harder to drink water during which intense gulping works against the spasmodic muscle movements. This results in interrupting your diaphragm for curing hiccups.

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