Home Remedies for Hermrrhoids

Home Remedies for Hermrrhoids There are two types of hermorrhoids. The anal holds the internal hermorrhoids which contain blood vessels, muscle and elastic fibre where as there are some bigger blood vessels that encircle the anus. However, with time internal blood vessels inside the anal canal also enlarge and cook problems like bleeding, itchiness etcetera. There may be symptoms of other skin diseases around the anus and rectum which surface the alike symptoms of hermorrhoids. External blood vessels can swell up to pain also due to blood clotting inside. The supporting tissues of Hermrrhoids are made up of elastic fibres.

Not all the people know they have Hermrrhoids already. When blood vessels ginger up and cause pain they know about it. During Hermrrhoids, our bowel movements are tightened because it forms itself in the anus which is responsible for passing stool.

Best Home Remedies for Hermrrhoids


A lot of consumption of green leafy vegetables, fibres, whole grains and bran can bring relief. Without medication and surgery vegetables can cure the Hermrrhoids pouring a lot of nutrition in your diet. The nutrition also corrects your immune system.


Fibre is the quick cure for Hermrrhoids. It relaxes the Hermrrhoids by relaxing bowel movements. and soluble. Fibre accelerates the digestion and prevents constipation. You get a lot of fibre is green beans, green peas, onions and root vegetables. Wheat bran, Brown rice also has fibre content in plenty.

Brown Rice

Avoid consumption of oil and spices: Consumption of oil and spices in generous quantities are to be totally avoided by patients with piles. Flour also hardens the stool so should be avoided too. Drink a lot of water to wash away toxins.



To the treatment of piles fruits like beans, papaya, apples, raisins, oranges contribute because all these have Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids and Vitamin E. So raise up the consumption as much as you can. Bananas and Pears top the list of fruit cures for Hermrrhoids being rich in soluble fibre,


Cayenne is capsicum and garlic enemas work to clear the bowels. so consume in a generous amount.

Aloe Vera Gel

This is the oldest remedy in the book. Apply Aloe Vera gel in the affected area . This is cool to the touch and soothes the burn. Make sure you freeze the gel before application.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Boil 20g of Sesame seeds in water and consume. It also eases the bowel movement. Keep drinking trice a day and continue for at least a month,

Radish Juice

In the morning and evening, consume radish juice with a pinch of salt. It is a very good cure too. Inturn, radish paste mixed with milk can also be applied to the inflammed place to soothe it. Radish has vitamin B6 and calcium content which immunes you against piles.

Cold Water Therapy

Sit into cold water to the chin level twice a day. It is also helpful. Cold water drives away the inflammation and your body feels comfort.



Consumption of ‘neem’ also helps because it is a natural antiseptic. Boil neem leaves in water and drink the water extracting the leaves, else fried neem leaves are rather tasty to be consumed with rice.


Triphala is an herbal tonic. It pledges to cure piles by soothing the inflammation and itching.

Witch Hazel

It also takes care to soothe the affected area. This is a gel like mixture with natural qualities and meant to be applied on the area. Dab a cotton ball into With Hazel and apply on the affected area to soothe it.


Apple and Cranberry juices are also great eradicators of piles. So drink at least a glassful with your breakfast. Juices are great fluids and your body falls in need of a lot of fluid in Hermrrhoids.

Apple Vinegar

Apple Vinegar

Apply Apple Vinegar to the affected are to get rid of irritation and itches. This application also cures painfulness. You can dab a cotton ball and apply it in the affected area.

Eucalyptus Oil

Mix a few drops of Eucalyptus oil onto your bathing water. It relieves you stress. Try after returning from work, It is very refreshing.


Make a dust of sun-dried mango seeds and consume two times in a day. The saturated fatty acids within helps cut on piles problem.

Photo Credit: http://www.surgery.usc.edu/colorectal/diseases-hemorrhoids.html