7 Home Remedies For Heel Pain


Home Remedies For Heel Pain Sometimes, what we love to do on daily basis can invite painful consequences. Wearing high heel shoes is one such beloved activity, which can trigger heel pain if one is unable to walk properly.According to MayoClinic.com, heel pain is common and it takes place below the heel. Although most people tend to experience heel pain that is rarely serious, it can be very unbearable if it is the symptom of chronic ailments such as gout, bone spurs, Achilles tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis (a kind of inflammation). Heel pain can be so debilitating that it can prevent one from doing the daily activities with ease. Luckily, there are some effective home remedies to heal the affected heels.

Top 7 Home Remedies For Heel Pain

Ice Therapy

Ice Therapy Helps In Heel Pain Icing can heal the condition by alleviating swelling and pain. In order to do so, mix some crushed ice and water in a plastic bag and place it on the affected area until you do not start feeling good. Alternatively, you can fill a paper cup with water and store it in the freezer for allowing it to freeze.

When it is ready, peel off the cup’s top area for exposing the ice and move the cup in a circular manner atop the affected area. Keep moving the cup and peeling away the paper so that the ice remains in contact with the painful heel area. In case you experience a pinching sensation, it is wise to stop the therapy immediately and visit your health care professional who can tell you when to resume icing and how frequently to do it in a day.

No matter which icing method you choose, do not continue for more than 20 minutes. Further, after icing your heel area, you need to allow it to get warm for 45 minutes so that the normal temperature and sensation get restored. Apart from that, make sure that you insert a defensive layer in between the skin and ice, except for the area where the ice is constantly moving. This is essential for keeping frostbite at bay.

Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy Helps In Heel Pain According to the Natural Health magazine, even warm compression can aid in alleviating heel pain. Just like ice therapy, heat therapy also works by boosting the blood supply and by relaxing muscles as well as joints. The magazine suggests applying a bottle filled with warm water or a damp cloth to the painful heel area. You can try this therapy twice a day until the pain vanishes. In case pain remains continuously despite taking this therapy regularly, it is advisable to stop taking it and consult a doctor.

Heel Massage

This is a very useful home remedy because it has proven its effectiveness by boosting the blood flow and by soothing the heel muscles. However, this remedy ensures only short-term relief. You can opt to massage your heels anytime during the day, but it is more beneficial to do so prior to running or after exercising.

In case you feel that the massage is aggravating your pain, know that you are doing it very forcefully. Therefore, massaging gently is essential for experiencing relief. It is advisable to discuss with your doctor about massaging your heels before starting the treatment for averting possible worsening of the condition.

Heel Massage Helps In Heel Pain Stretch the Plantar Fascia

The plantar fascia refers to the thick tissue that supports the arch on the foot’s bottom. When this tissue is inflamed, it becomes the major cause of heel pain. Medically, this condition is called plantar fasciitis. So, if heel pain is due to this condition, stretching plantar fascia can bring relief from pain. In order to stretch the tissue, you need to sit on a comfy chair. Alternatively, you can sit on your bed’s edge.

Now, you need to place your hand on top of the ball of your toes or foot while maintaining your leg stable and pulling the foot towards yourself. This should make you stretch the bottom of your foot. Be in this pose for a minute and repeat it for five times. However, if you notice an increase in pain, stop this stretching remedy and call your doctor immediately.

Stretch The Plantar Fascia Helps In Heel Pain Practice Toe Walking

If heel pain is due to tightening of muscles in your lower leg, plantar, fasciitis, or weak ankles; toe walking can help improve the condition up to a great extent. For walking on your toes, just lift yourself on your toes and walk on the floor without touching the heels. While doing so, ensure that the ankles and back remain straight for preventing any kind of injury. This kind of walk fortifies your Achilles tendon as well as calf muscles and loosens the fascia tissue.

Toe Walking Helps In Heel Pain Avoid Being Barefoot

According to experts, being barefoot on hard surfaces in home can worsen the heel pain. Even wearing slippers or socks is not recommended for the same purpose. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, it is beneficial to wear supportive shoes for safeguarding your feet. Moreover, you should wear a shoe pair that makes walking very comfortable for you.

However, ensure that the pair is neither high in heels nor it is excessively thick at soles. You need to wear a pair that should fit you well in the front, from the sides, and at the back. As a tip, just look for rigid shanks and shock-absorbent soles when you are buying your comfortable shoes for your painful heels. According to Medline Plus, shoes having felt pads in the heel portion or a pair made exclusively as an orthotic device can be effective in relieving heel pain.

Avoid Being Barefoot For Heel Pain Take Enough Rest

According to Medline Plus, it is very essential to rest as much as possible so that the healing process becomes speedier and easier. It recommends you to take rest for a week at least from the moment you experience even a bit of pain in your heels. What happens is that most people do not pay attention to the early pain sensation because of its less intensity. So, they keep on doing their daily chores, which tends to worsen the pain. Ignoring the pain by continuing with the working with the affected heel not only worsens the pain but also intensifies the problem. Therefore, it is wise to rest enough in a day!

Rest Helps In Heel Pain