Some of the causes of food poisoning include consumption of unhygienic food and contaminated water. Excessive consumption of junk food can also result in food poisoning. The problem of food poisoning should not be ignored as it can result in various health related issues.

Food Poisning

Food poisoning may result in problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, acute stomach pain, weakness, body ache and so on. An individual may use different home remedies to cure food poisoning. If positive results are not obtained (in time) with these home remedies, a specialist should be consulted to get relief from the problem of food poisoning.

Treat Food Poisoning Naturally

Drink Herbal Tea Regularly

An individual can drink herbal tea to cure food poisoning. Consumption of chamomile and mint tea on a regular basis can provide relief from the problem of food poisoning. Drinking tea prepared with the use of raspberry and blackberry can also give good results.

Consume Herbal Tea

Use Ginger in Different Forms

Ginger is another home remedy for food poisoning. A paste of ginger and buttermilk can be prepared. This paste can be consumed 3 – 4 times in a day. Drinking a mix of ginger juice and lemon juice can also provide relief from the problems associated with food poisoning (such as vomiting).

Ginger Cure

Use Papaya

Papaya is a good home remedy for food poisoning. Small pieces of papaya can be boiled in a glass of water (for 20 – 25 minutes) and consumed 2 – 3 times in a day to attain effective results.


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Use Cumin Seeds Powder

An individual suffering from food poisoning can prepare and consume a powder of cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds along with a glass of water. This powder can also be mixed with fresh curd. Consumption of curd with cumin seeds powder can provide quick relief from the problem of food poisoning.

Cumin Seeds

Use Basil Leaves Juice

An individual can also prepare a mixture of basil leaves juice and fresh curd. Addition of black pepper and black salt to this mixture can provide more effective results. It is advisable to consume this mixture 4 – 5 times in a day.

Basil Leaves Juice

Use Soothing Oils

An individual can also massage his/her stomach with soothing oils to deal with the problems associated with food poisoning.

Soothing Oil

Use Water

Food poisoning can also result in dehydration. Therefore, it is essential to drink water o n a regular basis. A mixture of water and grapefruit seed juice can also be taken to treat food poisoning.

drink water

Use Garlic Cloves

Garlic can be considered as a good remedy for food poisoning. An individual can swallow raw garlic cloves to cure food poisoning. Another remedy is to consume fresh garlic juice.

Garlic Cloves

Eat Fresh Yogurt

A mixture of fresh yogurt and apple can also be consumed to obtain relief from food poisoning. Consumption of fresh yogurt can also provide effective results.


Consume Lemon Juice

Drinking lemon juice regularly can also help in the treatment of food poisoning. It is important to extract fresh lemon juice and add some salt in order to obtain better results. Further, lemon juice should be consumed before having a meal.

Lemon Juice

Eat Fresh Bread

Eating fresh bread can also provide quick relief from the problem of food poisoning.

Cold Bread

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