7 Home Remedies For Flu Symptoms

Flu comes along with a lot of problems like headache, congestion, fever, running nose, cough, breathing difficulty and sore throat. The major cause of flu is viral infection.

Flu Symptoms

Different types of viruses cause different types of flu. Seasonal flu is generally a cause of discomfort, since it leads to redness of eyes, severe headache and a lot more. Sometimes even bacteria cause flu. Various home remedies though ease a lot of problems caused due to flu. However, medical treatment is must in cases of flu, but home remedies offer instantaneous relief to the sufferers.

Seven Best Home Remedies for Flu Symptoms


Water seems to be the best companion in cases of extreme flu. Flu can cause diarrhea, which leaves the body weak and prone to dehydration. Thus, water is the first best home remedy to fight back flu symptoms. It rehydrates the tissues and cells of the body, which keeps circulation and movement normal. Since the blood gets a chance to circulate normally at a higher pace due to water consumption, more and more WBC’s reach for the viruses to kill them.

It eases the patients suffering from flu attack as early as possible. Therefore, it becomes very necessary to consume water in case you develop flu. You can stick to drinking juices, if water seems tasteless. This is because viruses and bacteria directly affect the taste buds. In such cases, juice and flavored water are two good options of rehydrating the body. The tissues do not shrink in flu when you drink enough liquid. It helps in a speedy recovery.

drink water

Warm Soup

Warm soup is yet another home remedy for easing the symptoms of flu. Congestion is possibly cleared due to the warmth offered by soups. Chicken soup in specific is known to combat various symptoms of flu like congestion, headache, fever, soreness and swelling.

Soups work internally, which offers relief from pain as well. Therefore, it is beneficial to consume the hot homemade soups in flu. Additionally, soups supplement the body with liquid as well. The importance of consuming liquids in flu has already been mentioned-above. Nevertheless, warm soups are effective home relievers of various flu symptoms.



Steam is essentially beneficial for people suffering from congestion due to flu. Congestion is one of the worse symptoms of flu. Viruses cause inflammation, which leads to mucus thickening. Thick mucus becomes stiff and the nasal passage, lungs and chest are blocked. It makes breathing difficult. The best way to treat this condition at home is steaming. Steam exposes the air passage directly to warmth.

Moreover, steam pushes the air passage to open up. As a result, the mucus becomes thin. This opens up the blocked air tubes completely. Mixing peppermint oil to steam is a good option. It increases the efficiency of steam manifolds. Thus, the congestion is easily cleared. Congestion free chest decreases the inflammation. It also offers side-benefits like reduced headache, improved breathing and reduced pain and soreness. For this reason, steam makes a wonderful home remedy for easing the flu symptoms.



Honey offers a dual benefit to the people suffering from cold and flu. On one hand, it works like an immune system strengthener. It offers the body the strength to fight back the flu causing viruses and bacteria. Honey contains certain proteins that are essential immunity enhancers in the body.

It is for this reason that honey is used as an immunity upgrading substance. On the other hand, it contains certain enzymes and sugars. These sugars can easily melt the stiff mucus. It clears the nasal passage, chest and respiratory tract. Therefore, honey is used as a home remedy for treating flu symptoms.



Cinnamon is effective for the people suffering from seasonal flu. This is because it offers warmth to the body internally. It helps in fluid retention as well. This reduces the risk of dehydration manifolds. Moreover, cinnamon also breaks the stiff linings of mucus due to the heat generated.

Thus, congestion is cleared. Therefore, cinnamon is known to be a multi-functional home remedy for flu and cold. It also improves digestion, which does not lead to acidity and vomiting. This helps the patients suffering from flu. Indigestion is caused due to upset stomach otherwise, which is very common in viral attacks.



Ginger offers relief from dry cough. It soothes the sore gone lining of the respiratory tract due to constant cough. Moreover, ginger contains gingerols, which are strong anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agents. They kill the viruses and reduce inflammation.

Ginger is also a good option for the people who suffer from vomiting due to flu. It curbs the sensation of nausea by balancing the hormonal secretion. Therefore, it can be used as an effective home remedy against various flu symptoms.



Onion contains sulfoxides. These active ingredients are highly acidic. They engulf the viruses, since viruses fail to surpass the pungent odor offered by sulfoxides. Moreover, sulfoxides ease digestion. They are very much similar to the digestive juices secreted in the stomach for the purpose of proper digestion. Sulfoxides also offer anti-inflammatory benefits.

It is for this reason that onions comfort sore throat and congested chest. Quercetin is yet another active ingredient present in onions. Quercetin is body’s natural immunity booster. Therefore, onions specialize in killing viruses and strengthening the body’s immune system. Therefore, it is one of the best home remedies to consume onions for easing flu symptoms.


The remedies listed above are very powerful home remedies for easing the discomfort caused due to flu. However, certain flu causing viruses and microbes can be life-threatening as well. Therefore, medical checkup is required in cases of flu. Doctors also prescribe certain antacids and antibiotics, if the fever goes exceptionally higher. You must not take flu lightly, especially if headache and fever follow a specific pattern.

It can be an indication of some rare viral attack on the body. Therefore, always consult a doctor if you develop flu. The home remedies can be used as additional alternatives to ease the flu patients speedily. However, you should avoid using home remedies as primary treatment options. Medical advice is the primary treatment option. Home remedies lie next to medical aid.

Some other powerful home remedies for easing the flu symptoms are garlic, nasal irrigation, rest, hot shower, turmeric, cloves, coriander and berries.