6 Home Remedies For Burns On Hands

Home Remedies For Burns On Hands

Hand burns are equally as painful as burns on any other part of the body. Usually they result in the formation of burn blisters, which are painful and blazing. Hand burns are very common.
They mostly affect women who work in kitchens and chefs. However, they can also be caused to other people, irrespective of their age, work and gender. At times these burns are too serious to be overlooked. In such cases, medical aid becomes necessary. Though, it is too easy to cure mild hand burns at home. Home remedies for hand burns are very popular and effective burn remedies.

Best Home Remedies For Burns On Hands

Cool Water

Cool water forms the first home remedy for hand burns. As soon as you develop a hand burn, you must place your hand under running cool water. Do not think of rubbing your hand, since this can spread the heat of burn to the surrounding hand tissues as well. It only increases the heat damage. Cold water in place of cool water is not a good alternate, which is against the opinion of many. Cool water, which rests between cold and warm, is the best home remedy for mild hand burns. Cold water can increase the inflammation; hence, it is not recommended.

Cool Water

Cool water rinsing specializes in slowly reducing the heat. As the heat starts subsiding, pain and inflammation start reducing as well. Burn is caused when the hand tissues are subjected to heat above a certain degree. Heat above a certain degree accumulates in the affected hand tissues and starts damaging them. Cool water extrudes that heat out of the tissues. Thus, tissue damage due to heat stops. Hence, blisters are not developed.


Cool water is not just a home remedy, but it is a necessary first step when you develop a hand burn. Any other home remedy is always followed by cool water rinsing for 10 minutes. Turmeric is one such effective home remedy for hand burns. Turmeric is rich in Curcumin, which is also its key ingredient. Curcumin makes turmeric a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-microbial and anti-biotic agent. As soon as you apply turmeric paste to the affected area, blister formation is hampered.


This is because; turmeric is an anti-inflammatory agent. It directly reduces inflammation. Hence, ugly blisters are curbed. Moreover, inflammation reduction also reduces pain, which is why you don’t have to depend on pain killers. Turmeric also avoids the danger of developing any kind of infection. Curcumin is a very strong anti-biotic and anti-septic. Therefore, it does not allow infection causing microbes to attack the body via the burn developed over the hand. In short, turmeric is an all in one powerful home remedy for hand burns.

Sandal Powder

Sandal is a very cool home remedy for hand burns. Burns are painful and blazing. On the other hand, sandal is a very strong coolant. It contains santalols. Santalols are very strong anti-inflammatory cooling agents that specialize in reducing the effect of heat. It is for this reason that sandal forms such an effective home remedy for hand burns.

Sandal Powder

This product is very commonly found at homes, since it is one of the major ingredients used in making beauty masks as home. It is also used in religious ceremonies. Thus, it is a very common home ingredient. Making sandal paste and applying it over the affected burnt area immediately nullifies the affect of heat. This stops the heat from causing any damage to the burnt tissues of the hand. Hence, sandal paste is the third most effective home remedy for burns on hands.


Honey is an anti-infectious healing home remedy for mild hand burns. It soothes and eases the tense burnt tissues of the hand. Honey slowly mitigates all the side-effects of excess heat accumulation by dispersing the heat. The burnt area of the hand does not develop painful blisters. This is because; honey is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory in nature. Honey contains body friendly enzymes and large quantity of water.


It is one of the best ways of diminishing burn marks as well. However, burn mark reduction comes secondary to burn treatment. As a burn curer, honey dilates the heat. This reduces pain. The pain sensation completely stops within an hour of honey application. The risk of developing any kind of infection does not sustain with the use of honey. This is because; honey is very strong against infection causing microbes. It leaves no room for burn infections to affect the body. Hence, honey is a wonderful home remedy for hand burns.


This is a strange, but an effective home remedy for hand burns. People usually dwell under a mis-conception that onions cause inflammation. However, the opposite of this is true. Onion is a very strong anti-inflammatory agent. It contains sulfur compounds. The sulfur compounds are highly active against inflammation and infection causing microbes. Therefore, covering the hand burns with onion juice is a very good home remedy.

Onion Juice

It causes irritation for the first few seconds. Eventually, heat inflammation and pain are reduced. Onion leaves no room for the development of any blister or burn infection. Nevertheless, it works like a pain killer in hand burn cases. All these qualities make onion a very effective home remedy for hand burns.


Peanut butter is also one of the home remedies for burns on hands. However, this home remedy should be used in very mild cases of hand burn and pain only. This is because; butter works like a cooling agent. It cannot curb or cure any burn infection. Hence, it is highly recommended not to take an aid of this home remedy in severe hand burn cases. However, it can offer instant pain relief in cases of mild hand burns. This is an attribute to the fact that butter is a cooling agent. It offers internal coolness that nullifies the burning sensation.

Peanut Butter

Home remedies are very strong and effective in treating burns on hands. However, you must rush to seek a doctor if the burn is severe. You cannot depend on home remedies for the treatment of severe hand burn. Severe burns always need medical aid to avoid future complications. Though, home remedies are very powerful in common kitchen accidents. They hamper the development of blisters and infection, both.

Some other powerful home remedies for burns on hands are sugar water, garlic paste, saffron, tomato juice, mustard oil, potato slices, yogurt, gram flour, banana and egg white.