nauseaNausea upsets the stomach, which induces the puking sensation. It can be an outcome of various reasons like travelling, motion sickness, Addison disorder, alcohol consumption, anxiety, brain tumor, chicken pox, depression, diabetes, kidney stones, HIV infection, migraine, morning sickness, stress, pneumonia, pregnancy and many more.

Various herbs can help in the problem of nausea. Since herbs are hundred percent safe for human consumption, they cause no serious side-effects. Thus, herbal remedies are very helpful for the people suffering from nausea.

Best Herbal Remedies for Nausea


Cardamom is a very common herb that is used for treating the problem of nausea. The aphrodisiac property of cardamom helps in easing stomach discomfort that induces the feeling of nausea. All the acidity causing toxins are neutralized by cardamom.


Thus, it is a very effective herbal remedy against nausea. Since it improves digestion by removing constipation, acidity automatically subsides. Its consumption increases the blood circulation. Consequently, the nausea causing problems like constipation and acidity are cured.


Ginger is yet another herb that is also a very common kitchen ingredient. This herb is very effective in curbing nausea. Ginger contains terpenes, which are the major ingredients of this herb. Terpenes are antiseptics that improve digestion by reducing constipation. This eases the people suffering from nausea.

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The antiseptic property also reduces the pain caused in the stomach due to nausea. It also increases the blood circulation, which helps the body in getting rid of all the toxins. Consequently, the vomiting causing toxins are flushed out of the body via the consumption of ginger. Thus, it is a very powerful herbal remedy for nausea.


Cinnamon is yet another effective herbal remedy against nausea. This herb in particular contains proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins are the real reasons behind the power of cinnamon to fight back the problem of nausea. Stomach inflammation is a very common problem encountered in nausea. This inflammation causes pain. Proanthocyanidins are anti-inflammatory agents that ease the pain caused due to stomach inflammation.

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It is also a digestion stimulator that keeps the body free of toxins. Improved digestion reduces acidity and nausea is naturally hampered. The perpetual use of cinnamon also eases nausea caused in pregnancy. The fibers present in cinnamon improve digestion. Improved digestion automatically removes intestinal gas. This gas otherwise causes pain and induces the feeling of vomiting leading to morning sickness and motion sickness.


Pimento is a lesser known herbal remedy for nausea. This herb contains tannins and alkaloids, both. These ingredients impart antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits to pimento. For this reason, it is used as a very powerful herbal remedy against nausea.


It can easily clean all the toxins present in the stomach. The sensation of cramps in the stomach due to nausea is also eased upon the consumption of pimento. However, this herb comes with a warning, since its excess can lead to certain health problems. Thus, you should be very careful while consuming this herb for nausea.


Peppermint is a very common herb that is usually used as a flavoring and refreshing agent. However, it is also a very effective herbal remedy against nausea. Peppermint tea is a very powerful herbal solution for nausea in pregnancy. Menthol is the main ingredient present in peppermint. It is the main ingredient that offers minty flavor to peppermint. This refreshing ingredient is also an anti-inflammatory agent.

peppermint tea

Thus, the stomach inflammation leading to nausea is easily cured by peppermint. The sensation of vomiting and pain, both are effectively reduced upon the consumption of this herb. Menthone is yet another ingredient of peppermint. It eases constipation and improves the digestion. Improved digestion automatically reduces the acidic level of the stomach. For this reason, peppermint is one amongst the best and safest herbal remedies for nausea.


Chamomile herb is a natural source to bisabolol, which is its major ingredient. Bisabolol is an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces inflammation. This brings down the acidic level of the stomach, which cures pain. Chamomile is one of the best herbal remedies, since bisabolol eases the duodenal walls and muscles. This improves digestion and reduces the sensation of vomiting. Undoubtedly, bisabolol is the real reason behind the nausea fighting ability of chamomile.

Chamomile Tea

All the herbs mentioned above are very strong formulas to fight back nausea. However, you should use these herbs in medicated amounts only. Their over-consumption can lead to certain side-effects; thus, you must consume them in a regulated manner. It is always advisable to undergo a proper medical checkup in order to find out the real reason behind nausea. These herbs can ease the patients suffering from nausea, but cannot cure the serious health problems like diabetes, tumor or HIV. Therefore, always consult your doctor, if you witness nausea frequently and suddenly. This is because; nausea can sometimes be an indication of certain acute health disorders.

Some other powerful herbal remedies for nausea are spearmint, raspberry, slippery elm, dandelion and lavender.

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