brittle nailsPeople advanced in age often develop the problem of brittle nails, but there can be several other factors causing the nails to become dry and brittle even at a young age. These include lack of proper nutrition, exposure to water like washing dishes every day.

Lack of vitamins, minerals, iron, zinc and biotin can also cause brittle nails. On the other hand if you are taking in too much selenium. Even people who perform hard manual work like construction and manual labor develop a problem of brittle nails. Whatever be the cause of the problem you can cure it with simple herbal remedies for brittle nails which can be applied at home and are pretty easy to follow.

Herbal Remedies For Brittle Nails

Olive Oil Dip

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a very strong moisturizer and can really rejuvenate damaged and brittle nails. You can apply few drops of olive oil to your cuticles, and massage gently for a few minute. In addition to this once a week, dip your fingernails or toe nails in olive oil for about 5 minutes and wipe them gently with a soft cloth or tissue. These remedies should be used before going to bed and then avoid dipping your hands in water for the rest of the night.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil has come to be known by the nick name of super moisturizer and is extensively used in many skin care products available in the market. You can use a few drops of pure avocado oil or a cream which is enriched with this oil and massage it on your nails and cuticles at night.

Avocado Oil

As with the olive oil remedy, do not splash water on your nails for the rest of the night. If the problem is severe you can use this as one of the herbal remedies for brittle nails twice a day.

Lemon Juice Mixed With Vegetable Oil

Lemon Juice mixed with vegetable oil

You can use any vegetable oil but olive oil is the best choice for this remedy. Take a teaspoon of vegetable oil and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Massage this mixture thoroughly but gently on your nails and cuticles and then slip on a pair of manicure gloves when the oil is soaked into the nails. Leave this on overnight to act as one of the herbal remedies for brittle nails.

Evening Primrose Oil

The oil of evening primrose is rich in essential fatty acids which are necessary for healthy nails. A lack of essential fatty acids in the diet could also be a cause of brittle nails.

evening primrose oil

Hence you should consume 1,000 mg of this oil three times a day to overcome the problem of brittle nails. If can follow this remedy for quite a sometime continuously, you will get stronger and brighter nails.

Flax seed Oil

flax seed oil

The lack of essential fatty acids in the diet can also result in dry and brittle nails. Flax seed is naturally rich in essential fatty acids. Hence adding flax seed oil in your diet can also act as one of the herbal remedies for brittle nails. Or else you can consume 1000 mg of this oil three times daily for best results.

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