6 Diet For Hair Fall Treatment


Diet For Hair Fall Treatment

Diet has a key role to play in your hair growth. A good nutritious diet reflects in your hair, nails and skin. Just as a balanced diet is needed for healthy functioning of every other parts of the body, the cells and process that provide strong and beautiful hair depends on the nutrients you are providing to your hair.

However, besides nutritional deficiencies, there are various other reasons for hair fall like hormonal imbalances, lack of sleep, stress and hereditary tendencies which may need medical attention. The nutrients you eat helps to fortify your hair follicles (from which each strand is born) and the scalp. Focus on the following varied, protein-rich diet to give your hair the proper nutrition it deserves.

Top Diet For Hair Fall Treatment


Eggs To Reduce Hair Fall

Hair is basically made of protein. So eating a protein rich diet is the best way to prevent hair fall. Eggs are loaded with protein and four key minerals iron, sulfur, zinc and selenium.Iron deficiency is one of the major causes of hair fall because iron creates hemoglobin that carries oxygen to the hair follicles and to other organ of the body and also contains sulfur which prevent hair fall. Other good protein sources are chicken, fish, low-fat cheese, beef, pork, kidney beans and some vegetables and fruits.

Red Meat

Red Meat To Reduce Hair Fall

Lean red meat is thought to be best source of iron and sulfur that helps other nutrients to get easily absorbed by hair follicles and let the scalp get continuous flow of blood.Red meat, particularly liver, is a good source of vitamin A and B3. Vitamin A works to reduce oil in your scalp while Vitamin B3 promotes circulation in your scalp.

Fish And Sea Food

Sea Food To Reduce Hair Fall

Salmon, a cold water fish, is not only rich in protein and D vitamin but also omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for hair growth. For keeping the scalp healthy and hydrated and to avoid hair fall, eating fishes like salmon, herring, trout, sardine and mackerel are highly beneficial. You can also get natural oil needed for hair growth from food sources like pumpkin seed, avocado and walnut etc.

Oysters are great sources of zinc, deficiency of which leads to hair loss.  Zinc can also be obtained from whole grain bread and fortified cereals. Oysters are good sources of protein also. As hair is made up of 97% protein, without enough protein, hair can become brittle, dry and weak and hair fall is inevitable.


Nuts To Reduce Hair Fall

Dried fruits and nuts, like almond and walnuts, are packed with omega 3 fatty acids, iron, sulfur, biotin and vitamin E which can greatly influence the hair growth and prevent hair fall by enhancing the blood circulation to the scalp and maintaining healthy hair follicles. Walnut also contains copper, a mineral that helps to maintain the natural color of your hair. Deficiency of biotin is one of the reasons for hair fall.


Add oats to your daily diet. They not only increase your energy level but also contain important minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus needed for hair growth. Oats help in creation of melatin that prevent hair loss.

Oats Reduce Hair Fall

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Bean Sprouts

Hair grows from hair follicles which needs nutrients for forming new cells and encouraging hair growth. Silica is an important nutrient that is used by the body to absorb vitamins. Irrespective of how much vitamins or mineral you may consume, without silica they might not be absorbed by the body for forming new cells and growing healthy hair.For preventing hair loss, silica is an important nutrient and bean sprouts are great sources of this nutrient. Other sources from which you can get silica include red and green pepper, skin of cucumber and potatoes.If you are suffering from hair fall despite taking a healthy balanced diet, then there may be other reasons for hair loss. In that case, you must discuss your concern with a hair specialist.

Bean Sprouts To Control Hair Fall