4 Best Vitamins For Eye Health


Best Vitamins For Eye Health

The most precious sensory organ, your Eyes is often neglected despite knowing that life would be all dark without them. Healthy Eyes and healthy vision are synonymous with each other and requires all vital nutrients and Vitamins to prevent dry Eye disease, glaucoma, cataracts and other macular degeneration problems.Vitamins are important substances and key elements that promote healthy functioning of all the organs of the body. They help the enzymes who are associated with cell production, metabolism and tissue repair. Vitamins maintain and improve the functions of the Eyes, in particular by acting on the neurological and cardiovascular systems of the body. These essential Eye-protecting Vitamins are mentioned below:

Healthy Eyes With Vitamins

Vitamin A (Retinols and Beta Carotene)

Vitamin A For Eye Health

Vitamin A, an antioxidant compound plays a significant role in maintaining the health of the Eyes by protecting the surface (cornea) of the same. It helps in lubricating mucous membranes and projects a barrier to infectants such as bacteria and virus.

Vitamin A derived from animal sources such as beef, chicken liver, cheese and milk is known as Retinol and have various functions associated with the Eyes. It supports the bio-electrical course of action performed by the Eyes and removes damaged cells from the same. So Retinols are required for avoiding macular degeneration and loss of vision.

Colorful fruits and vegetables such as oranges, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, peppers, kale and cantaloupes contain a pigmented element called Carotenoid or Beta carotene which acts as a true antioxidant and protects Eyes against any damage from free radicals. It slows down the risk of extra cellular growths and cataracts.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C For Eye Health

This water soluble Vitamin is a powerful antioxidant and found in abundance in all citrus fruits and vegetables. Formation of collective tissue such as collagen of the cornea and blood vessels such as capillaries of the retina are the main functions of Vitamin C that help in promoting in Eye Health. Long term consumption of vitamin C through diet or supplements ensure good health of muscles, joints, gums and aging related conditions of the Eyes.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D For Eye Health

Vitamin D is a newly found Eye Vitamin where recent findings claim that it may prove beneficial in all age related degeneration problems of the Eyes. Decrease in retinal inflammation and macrophage are effectively visible in number of patients taking Vitamin D as an essential supplement. Though milk and its products and exposure to sunlight are good sources of Vitamin D, it is usually suggested to take extra supplements for improved vision.

Vitamin E

Protecting cell membranes of all organs including Eye against free radicals is the main function of Vitamin E. The compounds d-alpha-tocopherol or all natural “d” forms found in Vitamin E are highly recommended for the Eyes as they help in defending them from harmful environmental pollutants. Handful of nuts such as cashew, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and walnuts are rich sources of Vitamin E and should be included in daily diet for avoiding all age related problems.

All these above mentioned Vitamins work on different aspects of the functioning of the Eyes and provide good health of the same throughout. Besides Vitamins, regular brisk walking and good sleep stimulate blood circulation and continuous lubrication of the Eyes to help them further.
Vitamin E For Eye Health