8 Best Home Remedies For Nasal Congestion


8 Best Home Remedies For Nasal Congestion

Stuffy or blocked nose is known as nasal congestion. This is one of the most uncomfortable feelings that takes place due to swelling of the nasal cavity or due to build up mucus. Usually this condition is accompanied by cough or fever. However, nasal congestion can also take place due to the allergic reaction or flu. The best way to fight nasal congestion is through home remedies.

Here Are Some Of The Effective Home Remedies:

Remedy With Garlic

Garlic is a good home remedy due to its antiviral properties. Take about three garlic cloves and put it in boiling water. Allow this to boil for about 10 minutes, steep for some time, strain and drink this. This helps clear the nasal congestion fast. Alternatively, eating fresh garlic cloves also gives good relief.

 Raw Garlic

Nasal Congestion Cure With Steam

Steam is another excellent home remedy that works for nasal congestion. Take boiling water is a big bowl and cover the head with a clean cloth. Take in the steam coming from the water. This helps clear the nose, allowing easy breathing. Another option, add few carom seeds into the water or a few drops of peppermint oil.

Inhale Steam

Home Remedy With Apple Cider Vinegar

The stuffy nose caused due to nasal congestion can be relieved through apple cider vinegar. Take one tablespoon of honey as well as two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Add it to about one cup lukewarm water. Drink this solution several times a day to get relief from nasal congestion.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Fighting Nasal Congestion With Black Pepper

Nasal congestion or blocked sinus can be easily cured with black pepper. Mix sesame oil and black pepper in a bowl. Take it in the palm, rub it with both hands and inhale with deep breaths. This will result in sneezing that will helps clear the nasal congestion. Try this process twice or thrice a day.

Black Pepper

Nasal Congestion Treatment With Tomato Tea

Tomato tea is an amazing home remedy against nasal congestion by improving flow of mucus. Squeeze some tomatoes to make juice and add chopped garlic into it. Also, add some lemon juice and hot sauce and mix well. Drink the tomato tea at least twice a day for a few days till the nasal congestion is cleared.

Use Warm Mustard Oil Massage

Treatment Of Nasal Congestion With Fenugreek

Fenugreek is one of the best home remedies for treating nasal congestion. Mix about two teaspoons of crushed fenugreek seeds in a glass of water. Boil the water and allow it to steep for a few minutes. Strain the water and drink it several times a day. Try this remedy till the nasal congestion is cleared.

Fenugreek Seeds

Use Saline Spray

Saline spray is another remarkable home remedy that helps clear nasal congestion really fast. Take some water and add three teaspoons of iodized salt into it. Mix it well and put it in the nose bending the head backwards. Wait till the saline spray goes deeper. This helps clear nasal congestion and provides quick relief, for good results, try this three times s day.

Saline Spray

Tea Tree Oil Remedy

Tea tree oil is a very good remedy for nasal congestion since it is capable of fighting virus and bacteria. Boil water and add 3 to 4 drops of tea tree oil into it. Inhale it slowly for 10 minutes till the nasal congestion clears. For best results, use this remedy several times a day.

Tea Tree Oil