Arthritis Arthritis is an ailment that affects millions of individuals across the globe. Although there are several forms of arthritis, this condition mostly causes symptoms such as pain and inflammation of joints.

Drugs and medications are primarily utilized for treating arthritis symptoms; however, they cause a number of serious adverse effects on the body, such as vomiting, dark stools, diarrhea, as well as long-term effects such as heart disease and cancer. There are a number of alternatives and supplements, which can be utilized for treating arthritis symptoms effectively. Given below is a list of highly effective alternatives and supplements for treating arthritis.

Alternatives and Supplements for Arthritis Joint Pain

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a powerful supplement that is utilized for treating arthritis. Fish oil is usually derived from salmon, herring, cod, tuna, and mackerel. Fish oil displays powerful anti-inflammatory activity, due to its rich concentration of omega 3 fatty acids.

Fish Oil Supplements

A number of research studies have also shown that consuming fish oil helps to slow progression of rheumatoid arthritis. The recommended dosage of this supplement is 1 teaspoon, twice daily. Fish oil may cause certain adverse effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea.


MSM is another powerful supplement, which can be used for dealing with arthritis symptoms. MSM is a sulfur compound present in a number of foods, and is found in the human body. MSM also helps to decrease inflammation inside the body. Few research studies have shown that taking MSM supplements helps to improve severity of symptoms accompanied with arthritis.


Glucosamine is a supplement that is useful for treating arthritis effectively. Glucosamine is a chemical component that is present in joint cartilage, and helps cartilage to absorb water. Glucosamine helps to prevent the progression of osteoarthritis by preventing deterioration of cartilage.


According to a research study conducted on arthritis patients, it was observed that this supplement was at par with a placebo, in terms of its effectiveness for reducing pain and inflammation. This supplement is extracted from shells of crabs and lobsters.


Chondroitin is also an effective supplement for dealing with arthritis. This chemical component is also present in bones, and cartilage. Chondroitin is beneficial for increasing strength of collagen fibers and increases shock absorption of cartilage. This supplement is highly useful for preventing loss of cartilage, when used in combination with glucosamine. Chondroitin supplements are derived from pork by-products or bovine trachea.

Research studies have also shown that chondroitin is beneficial for preventing the progression of osteoarthritis. Another research study has shown that taking chondroitin along with Glucosamine helps to reduce symptoms of pain and inflammation linked with arthritis. Speak to your doctor before utilizing chondroitin for treating arthritis symptoms.

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Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is another powerful supplement for dealing with arthritis symptoms. This supplement contains strong anti-inflammatory properties, which help to decrease inflammation and pain. The recommended intake of flaxseed oil for arthritis is 1 teaspoon, twice-thrice daily.

Flaxseed Oil

Before using flaxseed oil for treating arthritis joint pain, speak to your doctor if you take any medicines, as they may deter absorption of this supplement.

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