8 Home Remedies For Hypoglycemia


Home Remedies For Hypoglycemia

In hypoglycemia, the blood sugar becomes very low. The sugar level decreases 2-5 hours after having food. Due to hypoglycemia, the patient has sweating, tremors and anxiety. The heartbeat becomes very fast and there is hunger. When the pancreases fail to work properly, it can affect the normal carbohydrate metabolism.When the blood sugar decreases, there is increase in the stress hormones like cortisol. The level of adrenaline also becomes very high. The increase in the stress hormones prevents sugar levels to decrease. Fasting hypoglycemia occurs when the patient does not take food for 8 hours. In fasting hypoglycemia, the patient has seizures and mental weakness.

There can be loss of consciousness. This type of hypoglycemia is caused by liver disease and pancreas tumor. Some home remedies and dietary changes can help in curing hypoglycemia. Some of the best home remedies for hypoglycemia are as follows.

Various Home Remedies For Hypoglycemia

Small And Regular Meals

Small And Regular Meals For Hypoglycemia

You should eat small meals at frequent intervals in a day. Take foods that contain Iron and Vitamin B. You should eat whole grains. You should cook food in healthy oils like coconut oil. You can also use olive oil. You should take regular meals without skipping them. Take meals in time and do not delay taking food. Eat protein in lunch as well as in dinner.

Take Carbohydrate Foods

Carbohydrate Foods For Hypoglycemia

People who have hypoglycemia should always carry sugar with them and eat it when the sugar becomes low. You should take 15 grams of carbohydrate like sugar. Sugary foods are easily digestible and assimilate in the blood quickly. These foods increase the blood sugar to normal levels immediately. Carbohydrate foods containing sugar along with fat and protein are less effective in increasing the blood sugar as they are digested slowly.

Examples of such foods are chocolate and ice creams. You should avoid these foods. The most suitable foods for treating hypoglycemia are regular soda pop, jam, fruit juice, jelly, sugar and honey. You can also take hard candies, banana, apple, glucose tablets, raisins, grapes and skim milk. The recommended dose of these foods is 15 grams.

Use Natural Sweeteners

Natural Sweeteners For Hypoglycemia

Use natural sweeteners like stevia for making the food sweet. You can take stevia in liquid form. Some other natural sweeteners that you can use are barley malt and brown rice syrup. You can also sweeten the food with molasses.

Basil And Green Tea

Basil For Hypoglycemia

If you have hypoglycemia, you should take holy basil, which helps in balancing the stress levels. You can take tea made with holy basil. You can take green tea, which is a very good antioxidant. You can take other foods that contain antioxidants such as blueberries, bell pepper and tomatoes.

Soluble Fiber

You should take foods that have soluble fiber. Such foods help in controlling the blood sugar levels by slowing the entry of sugar in the blood. Soluble fiber is present in foods like oats and oat bran. You should take one to three teaspoon oats before meals. People who have digestive diseases should consult a doctor before taking soluble fiber.

Soluble Fiber For Hypoglycemia


If you have hypoglycemia, you should do exercise daily as it controls the problem of low blood sugar. Exercise increases metabolism and insulin sensitivity. It decreases the requirement of insulin. You must measure the blood glucose levels before starting the exercise. Take light snacks like banana and apple before exercising. If you are overweight, you should control the weight by joining programs that can help in reducing weight. Weight reduction helps in improving the general health.

Exercise For Hypoglycemia

Take These Foods

If you have hypoglycemia, you should eat two apples after having meals. The apples should be consumed along with its peel. You should eat raw nuts and seeds, as they contain protein and help in controlling blood sugar levels. You should take home cooked meals. You should take wheat flour and white bread. You should take sweet potato instead of white potato. You can take peanut butter, orange juice, pumpkin seeds, cheese, celery, pomegranate juice, coconut milk, eggs and sunflower seeds. Avoid instant rice and white flour.

Orange Juice For Hypoglycemia

Avoid These Foods

Do not take canned and refined foods. Avoid processed, saturated and packaged foods. Avoid drinks like alcohol and soft drinks. Drink caffeinated drinks in limited amounts. Replace margarine with olive oil, as it is very good for health. Take foods that have fewer amounts of saturated fats. Do not take foods that contain the harmful Trans fat. Do not take pasta and dry fruits. Take processed meats in limited amount. Lean meats are a healthy option. Avoid sweet fruits like grapes and juices of sweet fruits. If you want to drink fruit juice, you should dilute it with water and then drink it. Do not take alcohol and tobacco.

Avoid Grapes For Hypoglycemia