8 DIY Hair Masks For Itchy Scalp, Split Ends And Dry Hair

8 DIY Hair Masks For Itchy Scalp, Split Ends And Dry Hair

Dry hair, split ends, damages hair are quite highly heard words nowadays when it comes to hair health! Due to the lack of proper time for hair care and due to conditions like stress, anxiety, poor diet, lack of workouts and various disease, the hair are affected the most. It is believed that the way your hair look, reflects your inner health and thus, it is very important to maintain the hair health! Just like the other body parts, hair too requires nourishment, nutrition and proper care for growth, development and to stay beautiful. Using the market based products for different hair styles may get you more in trouble and these masks and products can get your hair even more damaged if not used properly. For dealing with these situations.

Here Are Some Cool And Hydrating Hair Masks Which Would Simply Work Wonders On Your Damages And Dry Hair:

1. Egg Honey Mask:

We simply love this cool and redefining mask which has the capability t fight any kind of hair damage. Due to extra drying, styling and usage of the styling equipments, if your hair has become dry and under nourished, try this cool hair mask which would repair your hair in just a few applications. This cool mask prepared with egg and honey would nourish and smooth your hair as never before! Use egg yolk and honey to make your hair more youthful, smooth and amazing.

Egg Honey Mask

2. Banana Coconut Oil Honey Mask:

What can make your hair more adorable and smoother than the bananas? Filled and enriched with hair smoothening and strengthening properties, this cool and miraculous ingredient would simply make your hair look awesome while eliminating all the damage. Mix some coconut oil, honey and bananas and apply this cool mask over your dry, frizzy and damaged hair. Let it work for half an hour and then rinse. This would get your hair look awesome and healthy as never before.
Banana Coconut Oil Honey Mask

3. Milk Honey Mask:

Have got any ingredient which can work as wonderfully as milk? Milk is a natural smoothening and calming ingredient which nourishes the hair from the roots. If you hair are highly damages and are brittle, you can use this cool and flawless mask for repairing and strengthening your hair. From spilt ends to dry and rough hair, this cool mask would simply work wonders on all your hair issues. Mix some milk and honey and apply this cool mask on your hair twice a week and you would love the results you get!

Milk Honey Mask

4. Banana Olive Oil

Olive oil is such a cool and redefining ingredient which would get your hair all the lost moisture and strength back. If you have high damage in your hair and have ended up in brittle hair, split ends, dry and rough scalp and such issues, a cool mask like this would simply save you from this! Mix some ripe bananas and olive oil and apply this nourishing cool mask on your hair. Regularly using this amazing mask would get you rid of the hair issues and get you flawless hair back.

Banana Olive Oil

5. Avocado Mayo Mask:

Avocadoes are simply a boon for your hair. If you have high hair damage and are suffering from extremely rough, dry and unhealthy hair, you can use avocadoes to rejuvenate and return to your amazing hair health. Mix some avocadoes and mayo which would work as an ultimate moisturizing agent and apply this amazing mask on your hair, we assure this mask would simply work miracles on your hair making them shine.

Avocado Mayo Mask

6. Fenugreek Yogurt Mask:

Fenugreek or methi powder has been used since eras in hair treatment. The glorious and wonder ingredient which is used along with fenugreek powder is yogurt which would make your hair more beautiful, gorgeous and stunning. Mix some fenugreek powder and yogurt and apply this repairing mask on your hair. This mask would simply make your hair retain all the moisture and make it look wonderful.

Fenugreek Yogurt Mask

7. Strawberry Egg Yolk Lemon Mask:

Strawberries are not just only for amazing taste and for awesome food! This amazing juicy ingredient can make your hair look flawless and help them recover from high damage. Egg yolk is an ultimate damage reversal ingredient which would simply work wonders! Mix some strawberry juice, egg yolk and little lemon juice and apply this mask n your entire hair. Leave this mask for half an hour and rinse. You would simply love your nourished and repaired hair.

Strawberry Egg Yolk Lemon Mask

8. Honey Olive Oil Mask:

Olives would make your hair sooth, nourished, and repaired while honey would add some shine and smoothness to your hair. Altogether, these two amazing ingredients are here to repair all the damage and make your hair look awesome! Prepare this mask and use it regularly for hair care.

Honey Olive Oil Mask