8 DIY Facial Mask To Keep The Skin Hydrated

Keep The Skin Hydrated

The first body part which is noticed by everyone is the face. Also face is the most impactful and exposed body part. Wherever you go, the facial skin is exposed to the surrounding environment, to the sun rays, to the dust, to the bacteria and much more. Due to this, the facial skin requires a lot of care and pampering as it may get dry, dull, lifeless and patchy due to exposure towards such elements. Also the sin of the face loses moisture and necessary glow which would make you appear really dull and unappealing! Who does not want that blissful and charming glow on the face? If you are tired and horrified of using the antiseptic creams and remedies for your face with no cool and even identifiable result, you must try these DIY home remedies which can work wonders on your dull and lifeless facial skin. These remedies would not only retain your smooth, glorious and beautiful skin back, but would also maintain the moisture ad glory of your skin forever!

8 DIY Facial Mask To Keep The Skin Hydrated

1. Aloe Vera Gel And Orange Juice Mask

If you want some amazing ingredients to work beautifully on your skin getting you an adorable glow and cool tone, you must try this extremely soothing and calming mask which would surely keep your skin hydrated and supple. Aloe Vera gel is rich with all the ingredients which makes the skin smoother, supple and hydrated while orange juice would help in keeping the skin refreshing and youthful. Try this amazing mask twice a week and get smooth shiny and glorious skin forever!

Aloe Vera Gel And Orange Juice Mask

2. Banana Honey Mask

Banana and honey are two of the most moisturizing ad refreshing ingredients which would simply never fail to get awesome results on your face. If your face feels dry, dull and itchy, you can try this cool, soothing and rejuvenating mask which can make your face extraordinarily beautiful and glorious. Mix some ripen banana crush and honey and apply this mask over your face. Try this twice a week and get cool results!

Banana Honey Mask

3. Cucumber Aloe Vera Mask

These two immensely calming and refreshing ingredients would never fail to make your facial skin gorgeous, supple and breathtaking beautiful. When your skin becomes dry, dehydrates and lifeless, mix some aloe vera gel and fresh cucumber juice and apply this cool mixture on your face. Watch the awesome results with an amazing and hydrated skin!

Cucumber Aloe Vera Mask

4. Egg Honey Mask

Eggs are simply nourishing and the wonders they do to your skin are simply uncountable. The smoothening and refreshing properties of eggs make the sin smoother and nourished. Honey in context, makes the skin shiny, glossy and glorious. Mix some honey and egg white and apply this amazing mask on your face regularly for clean, fresh and nourished skin!

Egg Honey Mask

5. Yogurt Honey Strawberry Mask

Yogurt is filled with all the anti bacterial and antifungal properties which are quite an amazing ingredient also for maintaining the ph balance of the skin. Strawberries are filled with high impact juices which can get you a refreshing pinky and blissful glow with cool nourished sin. Mix some yogurt and strawberry juice and apply this mask covering your face. This mask would soon make your skin gorgeous, fresh as a dew drop and hydrated!

Yogurt Honey Strawberry Mask

6. Oatmeal Egg White Honey Mask

The perfect blend of these amazing and super cool ingredients would make your skin glorious, stunning and charming as never before. The cleansing and smoothening properties of oatmeal, the moisture and freshness of eggs and the hydration and nourishment of the honey together would make your skin adorable and enviable. Try this mask with such amazing ingredients which would never fail to get your skin hydrated and stunning!

Oatmeal Egg White Honey Mask

7. Avocado Olive Oil Mask

Avocados are simply miraculous and amazing over the skin. If your skin feels dull, itchy and rough, you can use avocados which would get a refreshing and soothing skin in o time! The olive oil is filled with immense moisture, nourishment and skin smoothening elements which would never fail to make your skin look more adorable and gorgeous. Mix some avocado crush and olive oil and apply it on your face. This cool mask would make your skin smooth, refreshing and hydrated as never before!

Avocado Olive Oil Mask

8. Papaya Honey Yogurt

Papayas are beneficial for your entire body along with the skin. The deep nourishing and conditioning properties of papayas when accompanied with the skin rejuvenating and revitalizing element, yogurt would simply work wonders on your skin. If you want beautiful, gorgeous and nourished skin which would never look rough and patchy again, you must try the amazing mask and we assure, you would love to try it again and again!

Papaya Honey Yogurt