7 Herbal Remedies For Sleep


Herbal Remedies For Sleep Regular and uninterrupted sleep is as important for healthy living as is food and water. In fact, medical studies have shown that insufficient sleep results in many ailments especially those related to nervous disorders including depression and anxiety.

Much as our body requires at least eight hours of sleep at night, most of us seem to be increasingly suffering from the lack of sleep or insomnia. Restful and peaceful sleep is important not only for refreshing our bodies but for also re-energizing our minds. Both our body and mind need regular sleep to remain healthy, fit and alert. When we don’t get enough sleep the body and mind fall prey to various forms of illnesses.

The doctors these days prescribe many tranquilizers that can help you fall asleep at night but the problem with these medications is that people become addicted to them and fail to let go off their addiction leading to fatal consequences. But sleeping at night and for at least 8-10 hours is also very important. To combat the problem of sleeplessness one should use herbs that have absolutely no side effects and are not addictive. Let us look at the herbs that can be effectively used for putting you to sleep.

Effective Remedies For Sleep

Wild Lettuce

Wild Lettuce For Sleep Wild lettuce belongs to same class as edible lettuce does but unlike the latter it is not used as a vegetable but rather as an herb. Wild lettuce has many known medicinal properties that makes it an ideal herb for treating ailments of many kinds.Herbalists are aware that the herb can be used both as a sedative and as a nervine, which means that it can be used for inducing sleep as well as for numbing the nerves. The herb needs to be taken in tincture form and the dosage depends on the severity of the insomnia.

Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon Balm Tea For Sleep Lemon balm herb is widely prescribed by ayurvedic doctors for treating ailments related to nervous system. The herb is especially useful in the treatment of insomnia because it is known to have a calming and soothing effect on our troubled mind and nerves. It effectively relaxes the muscles as well making it easier for us to fall asleep at night. Regular intake of lemon balm herb promotes good health of both mind and body and relieves us of any muscular pain as well as keeps us stress free.

Lemon balm herb should be taken in the form of tea by steeping a tablespoon of the herbal powder in a cup of boiling water. Allow the herb to steep for 10 minutes and then strain the mixture. Drink the herbal tea at least 20 minutes before your bed time but the tea can be otherwise taken any time of the day to keep you calm.


In ancient times people used to keep the flower of lavender herb under their pillows and mattresses. Doing this would not only impart a delicate smell in the air but would also help people sleep better at night. The aroma of lavender flower is known to soothe and calm agitated nerves and help keep the mind calm and peaceful. These days tea prepared using lavender is a favorite way of inducing sleep at night.Drink at least three cups of lavender tea minus sugar and milk and drink one cup of lavender tea 30 minutes before hitting the pillow at night; not only will you sleep easily but also sleep uninterrupted and longer.

Lavender Tea For Sleep Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is perhaps the most preferred herbal remedy for sleep and is a favorite of people around the globe. Chamomile tea bags are available in almost all organic and health food stores thus making the herb easily available. The soothing taste and the pleasant aroma of the herb make it an excellent remedy for treating insomnia.

The taste and the aroma calm the frayed nerves and fill you with a sense of well being that makes you sleep better and longer at night. However, it is recommended that the tea be had without sugar and milk. You may add a teaspoon of honey if you want but the tea should be had while it is still warm. Drinking 2 cups of chamomile tea during the day, especially one before going to bed at night will improve the quality of your sleep.

Chamomile Tea For Sleep Hops

Hops was a popular herb way back during the second world war as it was used for treating soldiers who had developed insomnia due to anxiety and fear of being bombarded upon or being killed. The herb has mild sedative properties that help induce sleep without making the user addicted to the herbal medicine.

Consumption of the herb induces a feeling of well being and effectively calms and soothes the nerves. Hops is sold in the market as tea bags and three cups of hops herbal tea daily are enough to give you a comfortable sleep at night.Interestingly, hops is used in beer to give them the nutty flavor and the sedative properties of the herb are responsible for the drinkers being out in no time at all!

Hops For Sleep Valerian

In ancient times concoction prepared from the roots of valerian herb were used as anesthesia and was popularly given to pregnant women who had to be operated upon as it helped put them in deep sleep. However, the herb was found to have ill-effects on the well being of the pregnant woman and her child and the practice was discontinued.These days the herb is prescribed to people suffering from extreme form of insomnia. The herb is especially helpful in reducing physical as well as mental exhaustion. Many times herbal concoction prepared using valerian roots is given to people who talk or walk in their sleep as it helps them sleep uninterrupted.

Valerian Roots For Sleep Dandelion

The root of dandelion is known for its medicinal properties that make it very valuable in ayurvedic medicine. The herb is popularly used for treating insomnia as well along with other ailments.

Drinking four cups of tea prepared from dandelion root is known to considerably improve the quality of sleep. The routine should be followed religiously for a month and you will find yourself falling asleep easily and peacefully without being induced. Dandelion root is sold in powder form at health food stores and a cup of dandelion tea taken 30 minutes before your bed time will ensure you sleep well.

Dandelion Tea For Sleep