5 Vitamin B6 Deficiency Symptoms That You Should Know


Vitamin B6 Deficiency SymptomsVitamin B6 is a major B complex vitamin that is said to boost the rate of metabolism of the red cells of blood. This vitamin is found in three forms namely: pyridoxamine, pyridoxine and pyridoxal and is soluble in water. A healthy body and mind requires sufficient quantities of vitamin B6 that has the ability to transform tryptophan into niacin.

The deficiency of this vitamin is not noticed commonly in people but the aged people are always found to suffer from the deficiency of vitamin B6 because of poor diet. In order to get rid of the deficiency of vitamin B6, it is important to note the symptoms of its deficiency.

Vitamin B6 Deficiency Symptoms That You Should Know


Anemia Due To Vitamin B6 DeficiencyThis is one common symptom that is found in people who are deficient in vitamin B6. Deficiency of vitamin B6 can cause macrocytic anemia where the body produces large blood cells but they are very few in number.Blood problems like anemia that are considered as major symptoms of vitamin B6 deficiency should be treated as early as possible because they can have adverse effects on the health and the well being of an individual in the future.

Dry, Scaly And Greasy Skin

greasy skinLack of vitamin B6 can make the skin dry, scaly and greasy. There are various other skin problems that can also be caused due to the deficiency of vitamin B6. Fungal infections, rashes and dry skin can also develop because of the body’s inability to get enough of vitamin B6. Brown pigmentations and age spots are also vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms.


Seizures Due To Vitamin B6 DeficiencySeizures are the common symptoms found in infants who suffer from the deficiency of vitamin B6.Children and infants who have fast metabolism usually get seizures but there is no test that can be carried out to measure the level of deficiency that a child is suffering from.

Muscular Weakness

Muscular Weakness Due To Vitamin B6 DeficiencyPeople who suffer from the deficiency of vitamin B6 also experience weakness in their body parts and because of this the learning ability of such people slows down and they are also not able to live life in a better way.Such people are not able to concentrate on things because of their weakness and they begin to lose interest very fast. Muscular weakness experienced by such people also results in cramps that can turn out to be very painful.

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Due To Vitamin B6 DeficiencyOne of the most important vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms is high blood pressure and it requires to be treated immediately because this symptom can turn out to be very dangerous and can also result in heart attacks and deaths. People who suffer from the deficiency of vitamin B6 should make it a point to include good and healthy food in their diet and at the same time they should also practice a healthy lifestyle.

An active lifestyle and healthy food are the two things that can work wonders in people who suffer from lack of vitamin B6 in their body. The symptoms have to be taken care of but at the same time it should also be kept in mind that a healthy and active lifestyle is very important for a healthy body.

5 Vitamin B6 Deficiency Symptoms That You Should Know