5 Natural Remedies That Remove Dark Elbows

5 Natural Remedies That Remove Dark Elbows

A dark elbow is a common problem. The skin around the elbows is thicker in comparison to that of other parts of the body. Skin of elbow is dry and coarse at the same time as there are no oil glands. Moreover, this part of the body frequently faces friction, rubbing and remains exposed to the sun and weather. It has been found that we take utmost care of face and neck but elbow remains neglected most of the time. Heredity and obesity also are additional two factors of dark elbows. Because of dark elbows people especially women feel ashamed to expose their elbows in front of others. They tend to avoid sleeveless or short sleeved dress and prefer full sleeves attire even in summer to hide their dark ugly elbows. Nevertheless,, there is nothing to worry because there are some natural remedies that are highly effective to remove dark elbows within a few days.

This Article Will Give You A Few Simple Tips On Natural Remedies For Dark Elbows

Milk And Wheat Flour:

Milk is an excellent natural product that makes your skin soft. Milk is a great eraser which has power to erase dark spots or marks. Take some full cream milk in a bowl and add some wheat flour in it. Make a paste. Apply this paste on your dark elbows daily. Milk nourishes, hydrates and moisturizes your elbow where as wheat germ works as a scrubber. It helps to scrub out dark skins and makes your skin soft and supple. Regular application of this paste helps to remove dark elbows.

Milk And Wheat Flour

Lemon, Honey And Sugar:

Take lemon juice and honey in equal ratio. Mix both the product properly. Add some sugar granules in it. Apply it on your elbows and massage it gently. Lemon juice being natural bleach helps to remove dark color of skin and honey softens and moisturizes the skin and thus softens it. Sugar granules serve to remove dead skin from elbows and thus make it smooth and soft. It is very helpful to get rid of dark elbow.

Lemon, Honey And Sugar

Aloevera And Coconut Oil:

Aloevera and coconut oil are a good combination for dark elbows. Aloevera is a natural moisturizer and it not only hydrates skin. It also makes your skin bright and fair. Coconut oil on the other hand contains fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and water that make your skin soft, supple and fair. Mix fresh aloevera gel and coconut oil. Massage this on your elbow. Wait half an hour and then wash with plenty of cold water.

Aloevera And Coconut Oil

Yogurt And Chickpea Powder:

Yogurt is natural bleach that easily removes sun tan and other dark spots. Mix yogurt and chickpea powder. Add a pinch of turmeric in it. Mix everything and apply it on your elbows daily. Keep it for an hour and then wash it. Chickpea powder serves to remove dead skin and turmeric makes your skin fair. Daily use of this product helps to remove dark elbows naturally.

Yogurt And Chickpea Powder

Almond And Carrot:

Soak some almond in hot milk for some times to get soft. Take a piece of carrot. Grind both almond and carrot to smooth paste and apply this paste daily on your elbows. Almond and carrot contain vitamin E and vitamin A respectively and these vitamins are needed for the health of the skin. Both almond and carrot enhance the brightness of the skin and make your skin soft and supple. Everyday use of these products cures dark elbows.

Almond And Carrot
Follow these tips. Avoid hot water because hot water makes your skin drier. You will soon get rid of dark elbows naturally.