5 Homeopathic Treatments For Psoriasis



The conventional treatment for psoriasis cannot cure the skin disease. It only helps in managing the symptoms. Among the various alternative treatments, large number of psoriasis patients vouch for the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies in clearing the lesions. Furthermore, homeopathic remedies are devoid of side effects. Hence, they can be used for a prolonged period. Homeopathic treatment for psoriasis works by preventing abnormal immune response and restoring the optimal function of the immune system, which helps in stopping the rapid growth of the skin cells. As homeopathy is a customized treatment, the homeopathic remedy that works best for a person depends on specific factors including the physical structure, mental constitution, dietary habits and more.

The Following Medicines Are Considered Best For Treating Psoriasis

Arsenic Album

Arsenic Album is the most popular homeopathic remedy for psoriasis. It works best when psoriasis causes excessive flaking of the skin. It is recommended for people whose psoriasis flare-ups worsen following cold and wet applications and the itching and burning of the skin improves following warm applications. It is recommended for psoriasis patients vulnerable to asthma attacks.



Graphities is one of the best homeopathic treatments for guttate psoriasis, a form of psoriasis characterized by small red itchy lesions. It usually appears after a streptococcal infection. Graphites is also recommended for scalp psoriasis, nail psoriasis and inverse psoriasis. It is the preferred homeopathic medication for patients suffering from both psoriasis and eczema. It is also the ideal remedy for psoriasis patients who cannot tolerate cold.


Calcarea Carb

For people suffering from scalp psoriasis, Calcarea Carb is an effective homeopathic medicine. It is usually recommended for psoriasis patients who suffer from excessive perspiration of the scalp and whose symptoms tend to worsen in wet weather. It is also the preferred remedy for scalp psoriasis patients who are overweight and sensitive to cold.


Hepar Sulph

Hepar Sulph is the most effective homeopathic remedy for pustular psoriasis. It helps in reducing the pus discharge and rapidly clears the lesions. It provides fast relief from stinging and burning sensation.



Scalp psoriasis accompanied with excessive itching that worsens in the evening is usually treated with Lycopodium. It works best for patients who have a history of gastric or urinary problem.