4 Home Remedies For Split Ends

Home Remedies For Split Ends

Although the easiest way to get rid of spilt ends is to trim the manes, but this is only a temporary solution to the problem. Split end is a sign of hair damage. Hence, repairing the damaged hair shaft is the best way of treating this common hair problem. Moreover, these home remedies in addition to treating split ends will help in moisturizing the hair and nourishing the scalp. The website beautytips4her has shared four home remedies for split ends. The all-natural hair masks made with common pantry items such as egg, olive oil, yogurt and papaya treat spilt ends by nourishing the hair shafts. Hot oil treatment and beer rinse are also recommended for repairing split ends.

Beautytips4her – 4 Home Remedies For Split Ends

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