20 Sure Shot Home Remedies For Migraine Attacks

20 Sure Shot Home Remedies For Migraine Attacks

The pain and discomfort that happen due to the migraine attacks can also be describes by the person affected from it. The problem of migraine attacks has become a very common problem and a lot of people are facing it. In this problem the affected person feels a severe head ache that usually affects only one side of the head and this pain can last longer up to 72 hours. Other symptoms of migraine attacks include sensitivity towards light, tingling of arms, light flashes, nausea, vomiting, stiffness etc. Factors like allergic reactions, smoking, over consumption of alcohol, improper sleeping patterns, blood pressure problems, hormonal changes etc leads to migraine attacks. It is very important to treat and prevent migraine attacks and in order to treat the problem one can use the following home remedies regularly.

Home Remedies For Migraine Attacks

Ice Pack

Ice packs are very effective in treating the migraine attack problem. It reduces the pain and treats other symptoms as well. Take a piece of cloth and put some ice cubes in it and apply over the side affected by pain.

Ice Packa

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple dicer vinegar is very effective in treating a lot of problems caused due to migraine attacks. It treats head ache, regulates blood pressure and reduces stiffness as well. Mix some apple cider vinegar to water and consume the mixture each and every day in order to prevent the occurrence of migraine attacks.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Peppermint Tea

The anti inflammatory and soothing properties of peppermint help in reducing the head ache very effectively. Not only this, it helps in numbing the nerves and provides immense relief from migraine attacks. Just grab a cup of peppermint tea in order to treat the migraine problem.

Peppermint tea

Cayenne Pepper Solution

Mix cayenne pepper powder in warn water and consume every day in order to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

Cayenne Pepper

Henna Flowers

Henna flowers are very useful in providing relief from the discomfort caused due to migraine attacks. Just soak some henna flowers in vinegar solution and rub it over and around the affected areas of head to get relief from the migraine pain.

Henna flowers

Niacin Rich Food Items

Niacin is a natural pain killer that is also very effective in tackling the migraine pain therefore it is advisable to include niacin rich food items to your daily routine in order to prevent the occurrence of migraine attacks. You can include nuts, fish, sunflower seed etc in order to get relief.

Niacin rich food items


Cinnamon is used since a very long time as an effective remedy for migraine attacks and pain. In order to use this remedy you need is have powdered cinnamon. Mix a few drops of water to it and make a paste. Apply this paste on your forehead and other affected areas to get relief.


Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is very quick in its action to provide relief from migraine attack problem. Therefore it is advisable to grab a cup of chamomile tea in order to prevent the occurrence of migraine attack.

Chamomile Tea


Drinking ginger tea 3 to 4 times in a day is a great relief from migraine attack issues. It prevents the problem of inflammation and reduces the pain very effectively.


Lavender Oil

Lavender oil can be used to reduce the problem of head ache caused due to sudden migraine attacks. Just take some lavender oil and massage the affected areas of your head to reduce the pain and irritation.

Lavender oil

Fever Few

Fever few is a very effective herb that provide immense relief from sudden migraine attacks. It helps in relaxing the muscles and also soothes the nerves and reduce the pain effectively. All you need is to boil some fever few leaves in water to prepare a tea. Consume this tea daily in order to treat and prevent the occurrence of migraine attacks.

Fever few


Studies have shown the significance of apple is preventing the migraine attacks very effectively. Therefore if you are feeling the pre signs of a migraine attack then it is advisable to grab an apple in order to reduce the possibility of occurrence of migraine attack.



Coffee contains caffeine which helps in reducing the migraine pain by restricting the blood vessels. Consumption of coffee is highly recommended in order to get rid of the discomfort of migraine attacks.


Fish Oil

Fish oil is very effective in getting relief from the head ache caused due to migraine attacks. Fish oil restricts the blood vessels which in turn lead to reduction in inflammation. It is therefore highly recommended to apply fish oil over your forehead to get relief.

Fish Oil

Butter Bur

Butter bur is a very useful plant that is rich in pain relieving properties and the plant is very effective in curing migraine pain as well. All you need is to consume a tea prepared from its flowers in order to cure the problem completely.

Butter bur

Bay Leaf

If you want immediate relief from the irritation and head pain then you need to get a few by leaves and all you have to do is to rub these leaves on your hands and inhale the smell from it. The smell will soothe down the pain and will provide immense relief from the migraine attack symptoms.

Bay leaf

Sandal Wood Powder

Sandal wood powder can be effectively used to treat the symptoms of migraine attacks. Make a paste by mixing sandal wood powder and rose water and apply it over your fore head and this paste will cool down the pain very effectively. It is advisable to follow this remedy 3 to 4 times in a day to get best results.

Sandal wood powdera


Rosemary is also very useful in treating migraine attacks. Therefore it is advisable to make a mixture of rosemary and honey and consume it in order to get complete relief. You can also add peppermint leaves to this mixture which will increase the effectiveness further.



It is the easiest way to tackle the severe condition of migraine pain. Use some warm oil in order to massage over your fore head. Follow this remedy every night before going to bed in order to reduce the reoccurrence of migraine attacks.



Drink a lot of water each day as it helps in reducing the head pain caused due to migraine attacks.